About Us

Vitamins, minerals, proteins and the power of plants – this is our world!

And that is who we are: a professional team of nutritionists, druggists, buyers, salespeople, marketing experts, designers and warehouse staff.

VIP Day was born in Germany in 2022. The development of our own brands and products began – and success was quickly evident.

our philosophy

What is the goal of our work? For us, the focus is on healthy people. We are of the opinion that the body today is exposed to far too many chemical agents. So many problems can be addressed in a completely natural and gentle way. That's why we have always made it our mission to develop innovative nutritional supplements that can achieve the greatest possible benefit through perfectly coordinated ingredients - to provide an extensive supply of nutrients to compensate for deficiencies and to naturally relieve symptoms. We attach great importance to the naturalness and purity of raw materials.

Our products

The development of our own products is based on in-depth knowledge of ingredients, nutrition, health and dietetics, decades of experience and the latest research findings. With us you will only find nutritional supplements that we stand behind 100% and whose benefits we are absolutely convinced of. There is no product that has not passed through the hands of every employee before it comes to market.

Good for people, good for the environment

We select our raw material suppliers according to the strictest quality criteria. In addition to quality, we pay attention to fair conditions - both in terms of the conditions of all employees and those of the environment. Because as a distributor of products that come from nature, we want and must protect them. For this reason, we also use recycled materials for our packaging.

With VIP DAY you can not only feel good inside, but also always have a clear conscience when making your purchase. And if you have any questions or are simply not sure what is right for you, our advisory team is always happy to help you. Because we want you to find the ideal product for your individual needs and to feel completely comfortable in your body (again).


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